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Soon after my marriage I moved out of London and was looking for a job. I had many calls from different agencies; all of them frustrated me with irrelevant questions, lack of knowledge and information.

When Michelle rang me 4 years ago I picked up the phone thinking “here we go – another frustrating phone call”. Our conversation may have lasted more than an hour and she ended up running a mini interview with me. I was so impressed with the level of knowledge the firm had in my technology space.  I felt really positive and great after the initial talk.

After that Canary Wharf and City helped me get in the zone for the interview. I knew all about the company and interviewers when I went for the interview, which made me relaxed. I was kept very up to speed with the interview process and also received prompt feedback at each relevant stage.  I am happily settled in my role running well into my 4th year here. Thanks to Canary Wharf and City for their excellent service and support.