Candidate Journeys



Java Developer
Investment Banking

It was one fine morning when I was submitting my resume to various companies in London, with the determination to fulfil my investment banking dream, that I got a call. It was from a consultant (who has become my friend now) from Canary Wharf & City.

The consultant asked some basic Java questions to test my knowledge on the subject as well as my previous work history. Once I cleared the basic testing, I was given the details about the role in the company and she told me that she hoped to be in touch soon with an interview date. That call gave me a hope that something wonderful was going to happen.

Very soon, I got the call from her with an interview request. I was excited and nervous as this one meeting had the potential to determine a path for my entire career. Once I finished the interview, I was in touch with the consultant to let her know how I performed and in turn she immediately was in touch with the recruiters to know about the outcome. Positive feedback all round – yeah, I cleared the initial round!

Immediately, I was sent to the next rounds of the interview. One thing to note here is that the co-ordination done by the consultant was excellent!. There was no delay anywhere. Within a month, I got the offer in my hand…an unforgettable day when she called me to inform that I have made it!

The service provided by Canary Wharf & City was awesome. I will and I’m recommending the company to many of my friends. If I have to describe about the company in a word, it is EXCELLENCE. Some of the benefits of working with the company were,1) I got the role which I was looking for in a company which was initially beyond my expectations, 2) I was given a good opportunity to express my needs and 3) I always received a timely response without any delays.

A very good customer service I would say.

Keep up the good work and thanks for helping those with investment banking dreams!