Candidate Journeys



C# Authority
Investment Banking

My relationship with Canary Wharf and City began with a phone call with some information about a possible role at a major investment bank.  The agent was very professional and thorough – the kind of phone call that makes you immediately realise that this person has actually read your CV.

The bank in question where I am now placed were equally scrutinising (in contrast to many other contracts). I was involved in a series of client interviews. The analytical and precise feedback I received from Canary Wharf and City after each round was pricelessly encouraging.

In the end, what you end up with is a personal, professional, and prompt service, the three things that matter most when it comes to being matched to a suitable role, an ability to carry out your daily activities with the minimum of fuss, and of course, getting your invoices honoured with military precision! There are few agencies where one thinks “why aren’t they all like that?”  You can bet your hat I’d use the Canary Wharf and City service over and over again.