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.NET Lead
Services Industry
Home Counties

In June 2006 I started my search for a new career. Michelle Palmer from Canary Wharf and City called me while I was driving, I asked her to call back in 5 minutes as I needed to pull to into a car park!  True to her word, she call me back in exactly 5 minutes.

My initial concern was that she would only have opportunities for me in the London area – which was going to pose a problem as I live in the Home Counties.    However, Michelle went on to share she had a local opportunity for me which was just one mile from home.

I moved to a detailed technical interview. Michelle asked lots of technical questions – some of these were more tricky than the interviews that followed with the client!  I was getting a lot of agency phone calls around that time but I was really surprised that Michelle could ask so many sharp & relevant technology questions to assess my suitability for the role.

Canary Wharf and City were so efficient that almost within the hour, they had managed to arrange a client telephone interview for me based on my performance.  Michelle was always positive and encouraging during the process, which actually helped me to gain more confidence over successive interview rounds.

Following face to face interviews with the firm, I went on to accept and start a role with the firm beginning of July.  Five years on, I am still very much enjoying my work and have grown from Developer into a Team Lead role.

Through the process, I feel that Canary Wharf and City were reliable, professional, efficient and honest.