Candidate Journeys



UX Designer
Investment Banking

I found Canary Wharf and City just by chance in replying to a job ad. Though I have 19 years’ experience in what I do, I’d not worked in Investment Banking. With User Experience Design, it’s much more important to have a good handle on the process of design than a specific domain. I’ve worked in many areas over the course of my career:- on geographic information systems, on turbine monitoring, on interview recorders for the police and also on systems for doing GCSEs on computer. The domain really doesn’t matter – the trouble is, lots of potential employers don’t believe that. So I wondered how I would convince an Investment Bank that my skills would apply to their work.

From the off Michelle understood what I did.  She also did quite a lot of reading up too. More than that, she knew exactly what the employer wanted and knew very well that my lack of domain knowledge wouldn’t be a problem. She identified a number of things from my experience that would mean something to the potential employer, things that I didn’t appreciate myself.

As a candidate I had another problem. My previous job had involved taking a massive pay cut because I wanted to work for an environmental company. In one conscious move my salary went back 15 years.  Several agents who specialise purely in my field found this problem insurmountable.  Apparently working for 4 months at a much reduced salary had blotted my copybook. Fortunately my calculated choice to take a pay cut in order to combine a personal passion with my commercial experience was not considered a barrier to my current employer.  With Michelle’s help we were able to honestly position this lifestyle choice and get the right result for me with respect to compensation.

The biggest thing I appreciated from Canary Wharf and City was that I was coached every step of the way. They knew the individuals I was meeting and got me to relax and be myself, no matter how senior the interviewers were.

I’ve never before come across this level of personal service from a recruitment consultant. Towards the end of the process, I asked Michelle about the bike parking facilities at the building. Sure enough, she went on to find out about that too!  Canary Wharf & City worked continuously to find out solutions.

From an employer perspective I’d turn to Canary Wharf and City to help me find new people because I think they have a rare skill in identifying individuals that fit a culture. I don’t think many people would have realised that I would fit the culture at my new employer but it turns out to be an excellent fit, which surprises and pleases me greatly.