Footnotes: The Blog

Updates on the ever-evolving case law surrounding workers in the Gig Economy

The Gig Economy: An Update (March 2018)

by Lauren Fonseca
1st March 2018

We look into new case law developments around gig workers in the United Kingdom and in particular, the Pimlico Plumbers case.

Hiring and the Gig Economy

by Lauren Fonseca
13th June 2017

This month, we look at the increasingly relevant and impactful effect the gig economy is having on work and hiring in the UK.

Post Brexit Technology Hiring Report

by Labeed Iqbal, Michelle Palmer
28th February 2017

In this month’s blog update, we report on hiring trends over the last year and how they have been impacted by Brexit,

Technology Trends: Robots and Automation

by Lauren Fonseca
23rd January 2017

We continue to examine new and upcoming trends in technology. This month – automation and robotics.

Brexit Update: The Value of the Sterling

by Labeed Iqbal
28th October 2016

“…the only thing that is constant is change…”
In a follow up to our previous Brexit blog, we discuss the impact that the decision to leave has had on the sterling thus far.

Technology Trends in 2016: Internet of Things

by Lauren Fonseca
21st September 2016

In a new series, we examine a number of new and emerging trends in technology today. First up – the Internet of Things.

“…the only thing that is constant is change…”
We discuss the recent changes since the ‘Brexit’ vote and their impact on UK hiring.